Heartworm Infection and Disease

Trifexis Video

Diagnostic Imaging Atlas (DIA)

Advantage Multi Video

Andy Roark- 5 Things you Didn’t Know about HW

Dentistry for Techs

Feline Full Mouth Dental Radiographs, by Dr. Brett Beckman

Diagnostic dental radiographs: A concise how-to, by DVM 360

Dental Radiographs Training

Demonstration of a Dental Scaling and Polishing

Placing IV Catheters

Troubleshooting an IVC, tips and tricks

Blood Draw

Texas A&M- Jugular, Cephalic, and Saphenous


Abdominal Surgery Prep in Dogs


TAMU, general bandaging theory

Robert Jones Bandage

Paw bandage

Spoon Splint, front limb

Head bandage

Dr. Brett Beckman

Open Root Planing

Oral Nerve Blocks

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Dr. Frasier Hale

Extraction of the right upper 4th premolar tooth in a Labrador