Our staff undergoes regular and extensive training to use handling techniques proven by science to lower stress in dogs and cats. We treat each dog and cat as an individual, and train to be observant so that we notice when a dog or cat exhibits a stress response. Throughout their entire visit, we pay close [...]

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The Exam

We provide the dog or cat with toys and/or treats in order to keep them occupied and at ease. Calming pheromones and music are used to minimize stress levels. Larger dogs are examined on the floor in order to maximize their comfort, and smaller dogs and cats are given special padding for the table. We [...]

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Waiting Areas

Pets are taken into their private exam room as quickly as possible. Multi-species waiting rooms are a significant stressor for many animals, and unnecessary exposure can heighten their stress levels throughout their visit. This is why special care is taken to immediately treat the pet kindly, gently, and take them to their own room.

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