The Value of Dental Cleaning and Polishing

Everyone knows that people should visit their dentist at least twice a year. Thorough inspections of our teeth and gums, a good cleaning (and the common flossing lecture) are key in maintaining our oral health. But did you know that regular dental care is just as important for our pets? Annual cleanings and polishing not [...]

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Low Stress Handling

When we are providing veterinary care to pets at one of our Vets Heart Pets hospitals, so much of the interaction is based on touch. How we greet them, how we examine their heart. How we listen to their lungs. How we look over their skin. Touch is truly a magical thing – in ourselves [...]

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Pheromones and Low Stress Veterinary Visits

We at the Vets Heart Pets family believe, passionately, that low stress visits are the future of veterinary medicine and believe that your dog or cat deserves access to them today. In our blog, we are going to be sharing the many different ways that we incorporate low stress techniques during your pet’s visit so [...]

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