We at the Vets Heart Pets family believe, passionately, that low stress visits are the future of veterinary medicine and believe that your dog or cat deserves access to them today. In our blog, we are going to be sharing the many different ways that we incorporate low stress techniques during your pet’s visit so that you can have a deeper understanding into how your pet’s environment affects their psychology and biology, can make more informed decisions about your veterinary care, and can even be empowered to use some of the tips we offer yourself! In this article, you are going to be learning about the use of pheromones. You’ll learn the basics about what pheromones are, how they work, and how we use them to craft an environment that is better suited to reduce the stress that your dog or cat feels!


Pheromones – The Basics

Pheromones are chemical substances that the mind produces naturally. These chemicals typically act as signals to other animals. It’s a really nifty trick that nature has endowed animals with! Certain pheromones elicit certain behaviors and can aid in many types of communication and cooperation. For example: when a bee detects danger, they will emit a pheromone to the rest of the hive to put everyone on alert.


How do dogs and cats use pheromones?

Have you ever wondered why your cat seems to love rubbing his or her face on you? Perhaps you notice them rubbing their face on some of your furniture, or other areas of their domain. This is because they are transferring pheromones! The pheromones your cat is leaving in these places are signals that this object is safe. Soon after a mother gives birth to her puppies, she will begin emitting pheromones. This chemical signals the puppies to feel safe. It also assists in the bonding process between mother and puppy.


Pheromones at Vets Heart Pets

We use products that mimic the chemical compounds in the natural pheromones. At the beginning of our day, our technicians scent themselves with these products. And by strategically placing electric diffusers around the hospital with these chemical signals, your pet’s body is receiving the signal that they can feel safe. This is an important tool to use in lowering stress levels, and we are proud to use it to give your pet happier and more productive visits! If you have any questions about how we use pheromones to reduce stress, or about the importance of low stress visits, please give us a call at one of our hospitals! Our family is always here for yours.


The Vets Heart Pets Team